Judy Moore truly does want more for Northeast Philadelphia

judy looking in car

Having lived in Rhawnhurst, Mayfair, Holme Circle, and Normandy, Judy developed a passion for the city and making positive impacts early in her life. The oldest, Judy helped her father raise her three younger siblings which created a strong character and loyalty to family. Judy learned firsthand the devastation substance abuse has on the family as she watched her mother’s struggle throughout her life.

Judy attended Masterman and Northeast High School. Having her first child, Anthony, at age 18, Judy drew upon the strong work ethic she learned from her early years and devoted herself to improving their situation. She worked two jobs while putting herself through college. Judy graduated from LaSalle University in 2003 and began her career in hospitality. She was the first in her family to graduate from college.

Judy is a natural leader and has the drive to succeed. She began her hospitality career as a hostess, quickly moving through the ranks to develop a sales and marketing department focused on private events and catering. After the birth of her youngest son, Sean, Judy launched her own business specializing in events, allowing her the freedom to grow her hospitality background and leadership skills as well as being a mom to her young children.

In 2011, Judy joined Garces, a Philadelphia-based hospitality group. She played an integral part in the growth strategy, launching a full-service catering division, Garces Events in 2012. Through her leadership, Judy has built out a sales and marketing team of 16 and is a consistent source of encouragement and guidance for professional growth to women throughout the city.

Inspired by her experience with the 2016 National Democratic Convention held in Philadelphia, Judy began seeking ways to become civically involved. A 2017 graduate of Emerge Pennsylvania, a 7-month cohort-based training program designed to teach essential skills and provide support for women seeking to run for political office. In 2018, Judy ran and was successfully elected to her neighborhood City Committee.

Judy is not one to sit on the sidelines when she knows she could make a positive impact on the community around her. Learn more about why Judy is running as a Democrat for City Council.